The Milano project was born in 2006 from Tubes' challenge to enrich the heating body with new content, giving life to technical and formal research towards solutions that were then truly at the forefront.

Conceived as an element of the architectural structure, Milano immediately showed itself able to open up new horizons in the conceptual framework and to mark a revolution in the world of heat.

The decisive technical innovation realized by Tubes is the group of remote connection valves (GVR), applied to the hydraulic variants of the radiators of the Elements collection: the heating body can be placed up to 6 meters from the technical element, with for consequently greater freedom of positioning the radiator inside the space. It is precisely thanks to its ease of positioning, its sculptural aspect and its iconic design, that Milano is able to characterize a space and make it unique. Its significant decorative force and its unique personality have led it to appear among the proposals selected by the Permanent Observatory of Design and published on the ADI Design Index 2009.

It is also part of the permanent design collection of the Die Neue Sammlung museum in Munich.

Over the years, Milano has been enriched with many versions (free-standing, wall, ceiling, horizontal) and is now part of two different Tubes collections: Elements and Plug & Play.

In 2020, Milano presents itself in a new exclusively electric horizontal version, with wall or floor installation. The intriguing new look of this heating body makes it possible to explore previously unusual locations. For designers or homeowners who do not want to give up the charm of a radiator under or in front of a window and who want a product with a contemporary and efficient design, MILANO / horizontal is an original solution with elegant characteristics.

Available in two lengths (175 and 202 cm), MILANO / horizontal allows you to customize the most neglected parts of a space, remaining suspended a few centimeters from the floor. From a technical point of view, MILANO / horizontal has a touch control which allows starting, stopping and temperature regulation. In addition, by connecting it to a wireless thermostat, it is possible to plan a weekly schedule.

Milano was born in a floor version, equipped with a special support with a base, to be positioned freely in space, like a decorative element or a real sculpture. Alone or thanks to compositions of several elements next to each other, it lends itself to a set of solutions with strong impact and great expressive force, even outside the residential setting. It is available in both hydraulic and electric versions, in three sizes (170, 200 or 230 cm).

In 2018, the floor version of the Elements collection is complemented by Milano Free-standing from the Plug & Play collection, powered exclusively by electricity, which does not require any installation and can therefore be moved around a room at will.

Milano, in its wall version, is perfect for residential and commercial spaces where the idea is to enrich a wall with an object with a sinuous and original design. It is available in three heights (170, 200 and 230 cm), in hydraulic and electric version. It has a linear support recessed in the lower part which allows its connection, without the cables or technical connections being visible. This makes Milano a decorative element beyond its main technical function, a real sculpture capable of defining a wall with a lot of personality. Milano on the ceiling, Elements collection, in its suspended ceiling variant, depends on a specific and innovative solution studied by Tubes for the installation: a kit of cables of seven different lengths (from 40 to 150 cm) that allow the positioning of the radiator at the desired height, freeing the walls and the floor. Tubes thus offers the possibility of creating a theatrical solution, with a strong visual impact, in particular in the composition of several elements suspended at different heights.

It is also available in three heights, in an exclusively electric version.



To learn more, visit the Tubes Radiatori site.


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