With its ultra thin frame, the Mini-Max system from the Portapivot brand has been designed to appeal to purists. Wherever it is installed, the door reveals the full potential of contemporary interiors.

Launched last August, the new pivot door system features ultra-slim hardware and frame, both made of anodized aluminum. Available in two decorative finishes, black or silver, to meet all creative ideas, the frame, thanks to its minimalist dimensions (20 x 38 mm), creates the design touch that makes interiors so elegant in their sobriety ... 

Here, the technique employed is anodization, an electrochemical process that transforms the surface of the metal into a decorative, durable and corrosion-resistant finish. The frame can be fitted with any 8mm thick tempered glass sheet for endless design. Optionally, "braces" can also be installed on the glass to create another perspective with captivating visual patterns.

And like all the other made-to-measure products in the Portapivot range, Mini-Max offers the same ease of assembly and installation that have made the brand's excellent reputation!

About Portapivot:
Specialized brand of the Belgian company Anyway doors, Portapivot, created in 2017, designs and manufactures tailor-made pivot doors distributed throughout the world. Portapivot is distinguished by its products that are both functional and of very high quality, as well as its self-assembly kits which make their installation easy for a result that is always up to the task.

Editor's choice:
It is for its ultra contemporary style and resolutely minimalist design that the Mini-Max pivot door was selected to be the winner of the Muuuz International Award 2021 in the “Interior equipment / Locking” category. 
portapivot vierkant2To learn more, visit the Portapivot site.




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