By the very name of the range, the tone is set! With their design reduced to the essentials, the minimalist handles signed by the German family business adorn the most modern interiors. Make way for purism, therefore, thanks to a mini rosette which achieves the feat of almost completely disappearing behind the handle ...

A rosette which melts behind the handle, and almost manages to disappear ... Mission impossible, some would say ... Not for KARCHER DESIGN who knew how to take up the challenge! With a diameter of only 30 mm and a thickness of barely 2 mm, the mini rosette imagined by the German is the result of an ingenious technical adaptation which does away with traditional screws. Simply inserted into the door, the rosette, thanks to its sturdy notch, is permanently fixed without the need for additional holes which have become superfluous. 

In total, six models of handles are concerned by the innovation, two of which were imagined by the famous Italian designer Itamar Harari ... Refined and ergonomic, in their modern simplicity, the handles take on various appearances, sometimes wavy and elongated, sometimes geometric and rounded ... Elegance is confirmed in the colors: satin stainless steel to stay in the classic, black cosmos at the forefront of the trend, or white Polaris, the brand new color designed by KARCHER DESIGN ... Handles and their minimalist rosettes ideal for perfecting contemporary and purist furnishing concepts ... 

About Karcher Design:
German family business, KARCHER DESIGN was created in 1991. Since then, it has been working to develop door closing systems with timeless shapes responding to an innovative assembly technique. Present on international markets, the company which owes its name to its founders is very popular in Europe and the United States where it is based in Seattle. 

Editor's choice:
The handle is not just a detail. Proof of this is the “Invisible Mission” range from KARCHER DESIGN which has totally won over the editorial staff. An element that blends in with the door, it had to be invented and rewarded with the Muuuz International Award 2021 in the “Interior equipment / Door handles” category.
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