Anti-legionella and aesthetic, the solution proposed by DELABIE provides optimal comfort to its users. Its brand new SPORTING 2 SECURITHERM shower column thus guarantees impeccable hygiene in showers.

Hygienic, safe, ecological and economical: it ticks all the boxes! Here, the innovation comes from the electronic technology with which the shower column is adorned, which allows the water to be released without any manual contact! What to avoid any transmission of germs. Better, every 24 hours, a rinsing is triggered automatically to purge the water network. For its part, the water regulated at 38 ° ensures a stable temperature, without risk of burns!

The thermostatic mixer integrated in the head prevents the circulation of mixed water between the hot water loop and the shower but also stagnant water, responsible for bacterial proliferation. An anti-tartar head, an anti-cold shower function, an anti-legionella action and an intelligent system to shut off the water thanks to a simple gesture in front of the presence detector: SPORTING 2 SECURITHERM is not lacking in advantages. All this while guaranteeing water savings of 80% compared to a traditional system.

About Delabie:
A 100% family-run French company, DELABIE, created in 1928, has established itself as the European leader in plumbing and sanitary equipment for public buildings. The company already has more than 2 products making it a benchmark player internationally! From France, DELABIE exports its ingenious solutions to more than 000 countries.

Editor's choice:
In addition to its sleek design, the DELABIE automatic shower column stands out for its technological characteristics which create remarkable hygienic conditions… It won the Muuuz International Award 2021 in the “Interior equipment / Taps” category.



To learn more, visit The Delabie site.

Visuals: © Delabie

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