Imagined by the design agency Saguez & Partners with its subsidiary Manganèse Éditions, the collection of eco-responsible Transition carpets is also the result of a collaboration with the Danish manufacturer EGE, at the forefront of sustainable development techniques ...

Directly inspired by seasonal cycles, the eco-responsible line offers three organic designs with subtle details: Seed (seed), Leaf (leaf) and Fiber. With its set of tiles, Transition combines the practicality of its maintenance with its textured, moiré or marbled effects, which have the double advantage of connecting workspaces to nature and of camouflaging tasks. Another achievement of the collection: a carbon footprint reduced to a minimum by giving a second life to the materials that compose it.

Made from ECONYL® yarn, a fiber obtained from abandoned fishing nets, collected, cleaned and recycled and from PET bottles, also recycled, the carpet affirms its ambition: to offer a sustainable and responsible product. Enough to complete its environmental commitment which is also part of its designs. Here, the shades of browns and greens are reminiscent of spring glades, the warm shadows of summer evenings, autumn forests, or even the dew of winter mornings ...

All in the service of a soothing, comforting and assertive atmosphere to boost energy, creativity and optimism ...

About Saguez & Partners: 
Saguez & Partners is a global design agency. Drawing on its Workstyle® expertise, an approach combining well-being and efficiency with the art of living at work, it designs the complete layout of workspaces. Its little sister, Manganèse Éditions founded in 2004, is above all a style office based on the taste for colors and materials, a certain poetry and the search for elegance.

Editor's choice:
It is as much for its eco-responsible character as for its organic design that the Transition collection has definitely won the hearts of Muuuz editorial staff. She won the Muuuz International Award 2021 in the “Layout, materials, coverings / Carpet” category.


To learn more, visit the Saguez & Partners site. 




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