Flat, even extra-flat, the new Lamina radiator fits perfectly into any space thanks to its small footprint. Both discreet and design, it becomes a real decorative object in interiors ...

With its very thin surface of only 1,2 cm, Lamina blends in with any decor while showing excellent thermal performance.

Crafted from premium steel and created by Luigi Brembilla, founder of the Brem brand, this sleek and sleek new hotplate displays a design that blends seamlessly with modern, sleek interiors. Another major advantage are the thermostatic tubes and valves hidden behind the panel, while remaining easily accessible. The white color of the tubes on the back blends well with the wall. 

In the horizontal version, Lamina is available in four heights (from 169 to 229 cm) and in ten widths (from 32 to 97 cm). This model is available in hot water, electric or mixed version. 

A BREM certified steel radiator that exclusively uses certified steel tubes, in accordance with international standards. Most are made according to an exclusive design or with reduced thickness. Their weight is 30 to 80% less than that of traditional tubes and cast iron. 

Steel also offers multiple design options while offering lower prices than aluminum. Robust, the steel radiator finally rises very quickly in temperature.




To learn more, visit the Brem site.


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