Seats inspired by the past and transformed into design pieces rich in decorative details, with, of course, a particular effort focused on comfort. The theatrical talent of Kenneth Cobonpue gives birth to seats that "tell a story"...

The Korean industrial designer draws his inspiration from the imagery of ancient manuscripts that resurface from history. The parchment then becomes a fabric that dresses the edges of his creations while their surface imitates the natural effect of time on paper. The form that emanates from it is then conducive to cocooning. From gray to pale blue green, the color palette softens the interiors. 

Parchment seats can be installed everywhere, both in private homes and in public places. And wherever they are, they enhance and warm the atmosphere...

Parchment is the very expression of the signature of Kenneth Cobonpue who integrates nature, traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology into all his projects. 

A unique approach that earned the Cebu-based designer numerous awards and international recognition. He also regularly collaborates with other creatives to advance design in the Philippines. 


 To learn more, visit Kenneth Cobonpue's website.





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