After having created a series of table items for valerie_objects, Maarten Baas is now offering his vision of outdoor furniture with a collection of outdoor chairs and tables for the brand.

Maarten Baas is one of the most influential Dutch contemporary designers often described as an "author designer", whose works are on the border between art and design. 

His creations contain a great deal of spontaneity and naivety, translating a human touch into mechanically produced objects. “In a quick sketch, beauty is often found,” he says. But these spontaneous lines are often lost in an industrial process. This is how Maarten Baas adds organic shapes and wobbly lines to a very rectilinear design world.

For the collection he signs for valerie_objects, the starting point was the same as for all the objects he creates: to imagine a fully functional piece of design that seems to have been drawn by hand. 

For this new exercise in style, Maarten Baas redefines outdoor furniture traditionally made of metal frames and wooden slats, drawing the slats in pencil on paper, then meticulously recreating them in reality. The result is very Maarten Baas: a design that seems to have been drawn by a child… 


Valerie Objects


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