Pappelina's design has always been recognizable, mainly for its simple and graphic patterns, its inspiring colors and a design that adapts to any space in the home. 

The new spring summer 2022 collection is adorned with three new patterns with unique and striking identities, which together form a unit. It is in a retro spirit and always in Scandinavian elegance that the founder Lina Rickardsson imagined these new designs.

For spring 2022, Pappelina presents three new graphic patterns: STEN, FRED and ILDA. The STEN design features a pattern with round shapes along the length of the rug. This new Pappelina accessory has everything to become a classic of the brand with its retro spirit and its nod to nature.

Indeed, in reference to the rounded shapes of the rug, Lina Rickardsson subtly named this rug STEN, meaning stone in Swedish.

For its part, the FRED carpet was born from the desire to create an accessory that could evoke the modern world and the aspiration for peace, both interior and more global. FRED means peace in Swedish.
The design of this new Pappelina rug is designed according to a scheme that makes each size unique while maintaining the same pattern.

 At the same time very simple, graceful and reminiscent of haute couture, the ILDA model was born in 2013 and was available in a single size. Discontinued in 2017, this timeless pattern hasn't left designer Lina Rickardsson's mind and remains one of her favorites. It is now republished in an updated version.

The spring/summer collection consists of natural and timeless colors that will complement a design and modern interior decoration.

 The new Pine color enriches Pappelina's extensive color chart. This shade of green appeals to our senses and brings a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere to interiors, with this timeless modernity perfect for current trends around wood, rattan and greenery.

For the start of sunny days in 2022, the new Pappelina rugs will bring the elegant and graphic design touch to interiors!




To learn more, visit pappelina's website.


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