The learning spaces are now redesigned to be flexible and functional. Today, schools, universities, campuses and libraries are thus designed as fluid and dynamic spaces.

The boundaries are erased, thus guaranteeing a variety of different uses in accordance with the activities envisaged at the different stages of learning.

Thanks to their modern and functional design, the Pedrali collections respond to the needs of dynamic and constantly changing spaces, while offering the durability and quality that these spaces demand.

The new educational spaces are designed to promote the well-being of their users. 

The new campus of the SDA Bocconi School of Management is a good example. This innovative complex, located in the former "Centrale del Latte" of Milan, is a technologically advanced and sustainable futuristic structure.

Pedrali imagined the design of the “Materia” restaurant and the “La Centrale” bistro.

La Centrale aims to attract not only university staff and students, but also external customers, to whom the place is open. The environment is characterized by large internal and external spaces and large peripheral windows. It is furnished with Nolita chairs, designed by CMP Design, and Stylus tables.

As for the à la carte restaurant Materia, it is divided into two distinct areas, separated by an open kitchen. The most intimate part is reserved for internal users and their guests, while the largest space is dedicated to students. The latter, marked by large glass walls along which the tables are arranged,

The Tivoli and Inga chairs, with their simple and essential lines and their neutral hues, reflect the architectural setting and give the impression, almost, of floating inside the large space flooded with natural light…. 


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