The new collection of roll vinyl floors signed by the Belgian Beauflor pays a nice tribute to the spirit of the South of France. With Evasion, the brand offers new highly decorative solutions to protect highly stressed floors in kitchens, bathrooms and entrances. 

This colorful collection, easy to install and with a non-visible connection, explores different mineral effects. The extremely realistic rendering is obtained thanks to an exclusive digital printing process reinforced by a relief surface finish. 

The mineral trend is well established in decoration. Marble, Terrazzo, Quartz, Concrete, Cement tiles, all make interiors beautiful. When this trend is declined in "vinyl" mode, it offers a way to meet the needs of authentic decoration without sacrificing anything on comfort. Demonstration with Beauflor and its Évasion floors. 

Coming from the South, cement tiles are very “expressive”. Beauflor's design studio has studied them in detail to create its new Évasion collection, which deploys beautiful old-fashioned decorations. This collection finds all its raison d'être in the most used rooms of the house such as the kitchen, the bathroom, and the entrances. Added to the freshness and originality of the decorations are their qualities in terms of walking comfort, sturdiness and ease of maintenance. 

Carcassonne, Arles, Annecy and Montélimar offer visually very attractive patterns, with hyper-realistic detailed finishes. The decorations display a baroque spirit enhanced with seventies motifs and very refined mosaic motifs). Bold colors provide just the right contrast in modern or pared-down environments that are waiting to be energized. 

Impossible to ignore these two very trendy patterns that never cease to please. Beauflor gently renews the genre with Marseille, whose decorations perfectly imitate these fashionable mineral soils. With its speckled and colorful appearance, Marseille combines wonderfully with modern bathroom elements. The combination of contemporary furniture and a floor with a glittery marble look is of the most beautiful effect. 

Nîmes, with its “terracotta” decor, elegantly revisits the artisanal tradition of the South. This successful and neat interpretation dares to use light gray floor tiles. 

A chic and charming color to dress floors gently. 


 To learn more, visit the Beauflor website.


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