With its exclusive design of inimitable proportions, Diametro35 has become a classic of incomparable perfection. A style icon who, always true to herself, has repeatedly reinvented herself and enriched herself with ideas and inspirations.

Its innate class, inherent in the timeless shape that makes the collection unique, is now expressed in four versions with intrinsic finesse, where style, luxury and timeless elegance converge. Different and avant-garde souls, which identify a contemporary language and find balance in an innovative iconography, which fits into architectural contexts with a strong identity. They come in a wide variety of solutions for all areas of application in the bathroom.

The beginning of a new era for Diametro35 which, with its expressive power and clean lines, a synthesis of form and functionality, thus evolves from an iconic series to a real brand, emblem of Ritmonio.

The new Diametro 35 S series: S as smart, simple, surprising, for its ability to maintain its captivating and emblematic characteristics, has been designed as a collection within the reach of a wider audience.

Diametro35 S satisfies the aesthetic demands of an increasingly demanding and creative clientele, as well as those related to different design environments. Available in several solutions to meet all needs, Diametro35 S stands out for its functionality, also determined by the control equipped with a long, light and minimal lever, designed to make the user's experience even more practical.




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