The new year has just begun but already makes us want to go outside! From this desire to reconnect with nature, on sunny days, was born the brand new collection signed Paola Lenti. 

Innovation and sustainability, uniqueness and craftsmanship. The design philosophy according to Paola Lenti has always aimed to offer a concept of furniture capable of integrating into the most demanding environments in terms of detail, creating a general harmony and a continuity of dialogue between interior and exterior.

For Paola Lenti, creativity must be responsible, respectful of people and the environment. His daily work thus focuses on making each product consistent with the concept of sustainable and sustainable design. The objective: that her creations have a minimal carbon impact, and for this, the designer favored 100% recyclable or recycled materials.

Paola Lenti evolves between experimenting with high-tech materials and constantly rediscovering new natural materials to shape... She thus presents us with an unprecedented collection entirely based on the materials offered to man by nature... 

paolalenti1To learn more, visit Paola Lenti's website.

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