With a wide choice of innovative, high-performance and contemporary design exterior sun protection solutions, KE OUTDOOR DESIGN meets all expectations, whatever the configuration of the home. 

KE offers a wide range of solutions that expand and beautify new outdoor living spaces. 

There is, for example, the awning, ideal for guaranteeing shade during the hottest hours of the day on your balcony or on your terrace. This top-of-the-range solution shakes up the traditional codes of the world of sun protection. Imagined by internationally renowned designer Robby Cantarruti, QUBICA reveals a resolutely avant-garde profile that fits easily into all types of architecture: geometric lines, two-tone trunk, generous dimensions, significant inclination... adds the great modularity of the awning. QUBICA is indeed fully customizable in terms of automation, lighting, color of box and fabric, technology (for the mechanized arms of the awning)…

There is also XTESA PLAIN, a lean-to pergola with sober and elegant contours. Its main asset: its modularity in width which makes it an ideal solution for covering large spaces whatever the architecture of the house. XTESA PLAIN is also distinguished by its very practical and aesthetic roll-up canvas system. A product considered to be a technological digest that accommodates many options such as fixed lighting (same rolled up fabric), additional closing systems to completely close the pergola, etc. AT

The umbrellas have lived. Today, shade sails are on the rise. With their aerial and modern aesthetics, they are deployed in gardens and other outdoor spaces. Thus, the KHEOPE shade sail signed KE has many arguments to make. Composed of materials of nautical origin resistant to wear, it offers an unusual feeling of lightness and resistance. It has a sleek design and creates a bohemian spirit that highlights the surrounding panorama, while preserving the aesthetics of the place. It is also a quality solution for protecting yourself from the sun, light rain or a breeze and ensuring a large area of ​​shade. 

Finally, KEDRY PRIME stands out as a bioclimatic pergola offering natural thermal comfort. With a particularly elegant design, the solution shines with its contemporary aesthetics that adapts to all architectures. It transforms patio, terrace, garden into an oasis of freshness. It is therefore a harmonious compromise between the veranda and the awning and offers maximum sun protection, natural temperature regulation and weather resistance. Another advantage, KEDRY PRIME includes the possibility of closing all sides of the pergola with blinds and/or a glazing system that transforms it into an island where comfort and privacy reign. 

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