As one of the relaxing colors, green is a very trendy color. Inspiring nature and creating luminosity in interiors, green dresses Borzalino furniture for chic and warm decors.

Created by Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo, respectively architect and designer, the Ayton sofa presents a Nordic geometry straight from the 50s. Past and present, tradition but also innovation combine in this model whose lines strict lines of the support contrast with the smooth surfaces of the upholstery, made of soft fabrics and fine leathers. The 50's style in the form, and the contemporaneity for the seat and the backrest. Ayton comes in different types of seats and tables for endless combinations. What to integrate it at home, and everywhere else… 

Versatile and ergonomic at the same time, the Joe chair was designed by Carlo Bimbi for Borzalino. The designer wanted to create here an object with an informal look that can have a base made of leather or wood. Thanks to its style but also its fixed seat cushion in differentiated density polyurethane foam (40 Kg/m³), Joe is quite simply an invitation to comfort. 




To learn more, visit the Borzalino website.

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