Because the atmosphere of a room can vary sensations and moods, experts have looked into the question to analyze precisely how green, blue or nude colors affect emotional balance.

According to Patrick O'Donnell, international ambassador for Farrow&Ball, "the psychology of color can be a complicated subject" that is difficult to assimilate. Some knowledge is therefore essential in order to be able to adapt the appearance of the interiors to the emotional needs of the occupants. 

Indeed, there are three fundamental shades capable of providing feelings of calm, tranquility, calm and relaxation. Green, blue or neutral colors know how to meet our needs for comfort, concentration, they thus have the power to recharge our batteries.

Fresh, soothing, green, for example, systematically reconnects us with nature. Promoting well-being, it also symbolizes renewal and development.

For its part, blue brings a feeling of tranquility and calm to interiors! This color most often evokes the sky or the sea and provides a feeling of fullness. It is ideal when we need concentration or indulge in reflection. 

Finally, white, the color most used in decoration, is a must when we are looking for clarity and cleanliness. Able to enlarge a space while making it brighter, it facilitates our choice of furniture by matching all styles... 




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