The meeting of the fabric editor Métaphores x Popus Editions gives rise to a selection of exclusive pieces that reveal the refinement and elegance of these two exceptional houses. 

A French signature par excellence, Métaphores presents its new Moonlight collection to enhance the seats of Popus Editions. There is Féline from Métaphore who dresses the RIMA armchair with a high-definition loop. Composed mainly of Alpaca wool, Féline is subtly inspired by the timeless panther print and goes perfectly with the curves of RIMA. A strong piece for a bold interior, this armchair by Popus Editions invites you to enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation. 

There is also the Ludmila pouf by Popus Editions which is covered in the Lounge Souffre fabric by Métaphores, made of a delicate blend of viscose chenille, organic cotton and acrylic. Sublimated by the intensity of the yellow, this alliance resolutely illuminates the interiors. The simplicity of Ludmila's minimal shapes brings roundness and timeless elegance to interior decoration. 

Veneta is an elegant little Popus Editions side table which, for this collaboration, is accompanied by the Zveva pouf, also by Popus Editions. And what could be more elegant and refined than combining the raw look of leather and ceramics with the softness and finesse of wool? Thanks to this delicate combination, Métaphores and Popus Editions reveal a unique and sophisticated atmosphere in interiors. 

As for the pouf, it is covered with a fabric with a marquetry effect. The Melchior Nuit fabric plays with its different patterns of colors and materials. This weaving with metallic reflections brings a hypnotizing side to the Maria model and thus gives the illusion of a starry night sky...


To learn more, visit Popus Editions website.




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