An ancestral Persian art, macrame reappears from the past with audacity and brilliance thanks to photographic trompe-l'oeil. Here, it is set to music by Laurentine Périlhou who presents “Light of Beirut” for Koziel… 

Specializing in macrame techniques since 2009, Laurentine Périlhou puts her know-how and expertise at the service of luxury houses, architects and communication agencies. The one who studied with a Chilean craftsman never hesitates to revisit knot techniques to give birth to unique creations. An expertise that allowed him to work for the greatest like Jean-Gauthier or Guerlain. 

The artist, master in the art of woven and hand-knotted threads, thus creates original and graphic patterns and frees himself, as soon as possible, from small formats to invest much more impressive surfaces, such as walls.

Here, for Koziel, she signs a creation at the crossroads of Art Nouveau and haute couture, thanks to an artistic composition with floral notes that celebrates with infinite elegance, the perpetual mystery that hovers over Beirut, city of light of the East…

Sometimes discreet, sometimes assertive, each macrame expresses the spirit of a destination so well intertwined by the hands of Laurentine Périlhou.


To learn more, visit the Koziel site.


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