SOLISYSTEM is the historical creator of adjustable sunshade pergolas, more commonly known as bioclimatic pergolas. Since 1998, SOLISYSTEM manufactures pergolas and innovates on a daily basis to provide its customers with the sun protection solutions of tomorrow.

Holder of the original patent for the pergola with adjustable slats, the know-how and feedback combined with its expertise have raised the company to the head of a network of nearly 80 qualified and passionate installer partners, in France as well as to export.

The great strength of SOLISYSTEM : its ability to produce tailor-made, down to the millimeter, functional, original and durable pergolas in a wide range of colours. SOLISYSTEM currently produces 2 types of pergolas: the pergola with adjustable blades called " BIOCLIMATIC » and the pergola with sliding panels called « HARLEQUIN “both conceivable tailor-made and customizable.

La bioclimatic pergola with adjustable blades

The pergola with adjustable slats is a patented terrace covering system that combines functionality and aesthetics: Its bioclimatic technology will offer you protection and optimal use of your living space by allowing you to instantly adjust the amount of sunshine, creating ventilation refreshing in the event of strong heat, or sheltering you from bad weather (rain, snow and wind). Perfect compromise between the awning and the veranda, the aluminum slats can be oriented very simply, manually or with a remote control.

The high-end and customizable bioclimatic variant

And for those looking for customization, the pergola ELEGANCE with a more plush and fully customizable design, highlights the cover module in order to create a unique atmosphere. The customization possibilities allow the installation of an external cover or two lacquered aluminum covers for a very clean and elegant finish. The outer cover can also be machined on demand to include a name, logo or any other element, perfect for a sign. Likewise, its invisible assembly allows the concealment of junctions between elements and the integration of control boxes in the posts. 

The sliding panel pergola Harlequin

Latest from the company SOLISYSTEM the pergola HARLEQUIN reinvents the concept of patio cover with its color panels and sliding frames. Unique and playful, HARLEQUIN revisits the pergola by offering the possibility of instant creation. These are frames and panels that slide by a simple sliding game, with a suitable rod. You can easily choose one or more more or less large areas of shade and sunshine. By grouping the panels, the shadow only represents the size of one of these panels. Conversely, when everything is deployed, HARLEQUIN provides good protection against rain and sun. The structure can be made to measure and the panels are available in 22 colours.

Options and accessories for even more comfort

Because each terrace is unique, you can decorate yours so that it suits you best: to protect yourself from the low sun, side winds or vis-à-vis, you can dress your pergola with a side closure with Zip blinds, glass walls or side sunshades…. Lighting, heating, home automation centralization or weather station will always bring you more comfort. So many options and accessories that will make your pergola SOLISYSTEM, a new space that suits you.

Who to contact for their development project?

Whether you are in France or abroad, SOLISYSTEM works hand in hand with quality distributors (dealers, specialized dealers or even architects). The installers are permanent teams who will install your pergola with care and with the greatest respect for the product.




To learn more, visit Solistem's website or send an email to This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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