The Delight St. Moritz chairs are much more than an exclusive and highly refined interpretation of the classic director's chair: they are design pieces born from the values ​​and vision shared by Loro Piana Interiors, Exteta and Studio Otto of the famous Paola Navone.

Originally designed for yacht decks and other outdoor settings inviting conviviality, relaxation and conversation, the Delight St. Moritz chairs are now available in a “St. Moritz” version. Equipped with backrests and seats crafted in the most precious cashmere and wool from Loro Piana Interiors, they are covered with removable covers in Cashfur. This fabric made on circular looms combines a unique blend of ultra-fine cashmere with a touch of silk.

The "Sherpas" cashmere and "Zelander®" merino wool fabrics benefit from the three-layer Storm System® technology, a special treatment applied to the reverse of the refined materials coupled with an impalpable elastic layer, which makes them perfectly resistant to water while preserving their texture and feel. The Rain System® treatment applied to the outer surface allows water drops to easily slide off while protecting against stains. These new upholsteries make the Delight St. Moritz chairs ideal for the mountains: their informal and practical look borrowed from the marine environment will find its place perfectly in a chalet or on a terrace and will blend in perfectly with the decor thanks to details adapted to winter conditions. .

The removable Cashfur covers, with their unique and versatile character, revisit with extreme refinement a winter mountain tradition consisting of placing woolen plaids on outdoor seats. Loro Piana Interiors' removable Cashfur slipcovers slip easily over the backs and seats of Delight St. Moritz chairs, wrapping them in warmth and comfort. These covers can also be used as throws.

The Delight St. Moritz range of chairs includes the classic foldable director's chair, a small non-folding armchair and a foldable stool, which can also be used as a side table. Their mahogany wood structure (naturally resistant to rain, snow and cold) has an exclusive "barrique" finish in a warm dark brown developed by Exteta, which takes up the colors and visual codes of the mountains. The armrests have a space intended to accommodate a drink or a book, in the spirit of pleasure and conviviality that characterizes the chairs. The feet are shod with inserts made with the same special rubber used for the iconic soles of Loro Piana shoes, ensuring a non-slip and protective function.

This new project is a natural evolution of a concept based on many elements dear to Loro Piana Interiors, with first of all the fabrics, which constitute the red thread of the design collaborations of the House, then a taste for personalization , offering the possibility of playing with materials within a set of chairs or even a single Delight chair. Then, the sense of touch, sublimated as much by the softness of cashmere and wool as by the incredible texture of the mahogany wood worked by Exteta, without forgetting the clean lines drawn by Paola Navone and Studio Otto. Finally, a playful approach to life and leisure can be seen in the three models.


Visuals ©: Giovanni Gaste


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