It is in the Kanaan cabinetmaking workshops, in Beit-Chabab in Lebanon, that all Kann Design furniture is made. Founded by Kanaan Kanaan, father of Houssam, founder of Kann, the workshops are home to 25 expert artisans who work together to produce the brand's remarkable pieces.

The Kann Design brand draws its origins from its workshop, a place of craftsmanship and talent created by Kanaan Kanaan in 1958 in Lebanon. “My father is the founder of the workshop and he still works there. It is he who takes care of the development of the prototypes and who sets up the manufacturing process: he is the great technician of the family! explains Houssam Kanaan, founder of Kann Design. Twenty-five craftsmen work there in-house and the brand collaborates with seven independent craftsmen. Kann Design pieces come to life in these family and local workshops and perpetuate the precious cabinetmaking traditions that gave them birth.

Each craftsman has his own specialty: “We have twelve cabinetmakers, four welders who work with metal and brass, five painters and four upholsterers. The independents are the marble workers and the caneworkers,” continues Houssam Kanaan. The founder of the brand took over his father's business before being joined by his brother Samer, who took over the reins of the workshop and considerably developed and modernized it.

The craftsman with the most seniority has worked in the Kanaan workshop for sixty years. “The improvement of our furniture is due to the recommendations of our craftsmen. Their expertise is our real strength,” says Houssam. “However, craftsmanship in Lebanon has a major problem: young people are no longer interested in it. This is why Kanaan Kanaan has taken care to train young people for more than fifteen years, which allows the workshop to have today in its ranks young craftsmen in their thirties, with immeasurable talent. .


Visuals ©: Rudy Bou Chebel


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