FlexiSpot's ergonomic sit-stand desks have been specially designed to allow each teleworker to feel good and maintain their shape on a daily basis. The latest in the range is called Comhar and even offers storage… 

Perfectly suited to telework, since 2016 FlexiSpot desks have made it possible to go from sitting to standing in an instant.

Everything is done intuitively: just press a button and presto, the desk automatically adjusts to the right height. Thanks to an ingenious electric lift, this transition is smooth and totally silent.

Better: stability is guaranteed, you won't even need to remove your cup from the desk!

Stable and practical to use, they also have easy-going operation thanks to the integrated sit/stand reminder system. There is therefore no need to monitor the time spent sitting, an alert warns as soon as you have to get up.

Customizable, this furniture can also fit perfectly into any interior: it is possible to choose the color of the frame and the top (here 12 colors available) but also its size and shape...




To learn more, visit the FlexiSpot website and his account Instagram.


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