It is to the Italian company Horm, which furnishes living spaces by creating emotions, that we owe the Leon Wood sideboard which changes color depending on the point of observation. A fascinating piece of furniture…

Leon Wood was born in 2002 from the vision of an artistic installation inspired by plowed fields, created for the 2001 Venice Biennale by the artist Leon Tarasewicz, whose name has been taken up in tribute.

The carved surfaces and color variations of Leon Wood generate a design with a strong aesthetic identity that stimulates visual and tactile sensations.

Design, passion and ideas are the ingredients of a collection of furniture for the home, created by Horm craftsmen who treat wood in the most diverse and exciting way and put their skills and professionalism at the service of designers.

Astonishment and elegance are the salient features of Leon Wood whose facade changes color depending on the point of observation.


To learn more, visit Horm's website.



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