With LINEA TOUCH, Laudescher paves the way for customizing solid wood acoustic panels for wall cladding and suspended ceilings, for a unique look on each architectural project.

The specialist Laudescher innovates once again. For the first time, it is now possible to create your own panel model by deciding for each of the 12 boards, the shade, from 12 references (oak, wenge, chocolate, natural, white, etc.), and its height (2 sections different). The LINEA TOUCH range is infinite, allowing you to play with contrasts or, on the contrary, shades and fades, to create a rhythm, or even to suggest a vibration, to dare to be random... Enough to give free rein to the creativity of architects who become free to compose a unique design of the panels and thus to reinforce the singularity and the uniqueness of their projects...

Laudescher also offers an ultra-simple online 3D visual configurator to compose your panel and see the result instantly… A few clicks are enough to change the color and height of each blade of the 3D panel or to rotate it in all directions. The result is downloadable and allows you to keep track of its composition and visual...


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