The new post-covid workspaces are finally unveiled with Pod Tent and Campers&Dens. With these two new solutions, Steelcase, a world leader in workspace design, is rethinking the office… 

Pod Tent is a freestanding structure offering a comfortable and private space to work best in an open office. With tension construction at the heart of their design, Tents combine light and airy organic forms with sheer, tent-like textiles to create a range of flexible and protective privacy solutions. Steelcase Tents offer a new way to work

For its part, Campers&Dens, thanks to its interior micro-architecture, can be assembled and disassembled ad infinitum. The system signed Orangebox (Steelcase brand) deploys both closed individual spaces and open collaborative spaces, simply covered by an awning. 

Campers&Dens relies on key Orangebox innovations such as an internationally patented sunroof system. The platform offers unparalleled flexibility and the benefit of a scalable turnkey system. 

Here, different layers of privacy are possible through cabins, niches and awnings; a wide range of configurations is also available. Campers&Dens interior products seduce with their aesthetics and refinement and offer architects, designers and customers a blank canvas, highly customizable thanks to fabric, laminate, plywood and painted metal finishes. 


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To learn more, visit Steelcase website.


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