The discreet sash of the Swao aluminum window range evolves and continues to distinguish itself by playing on the finesse of the profiles and the aesthetics of straight and contemporary lines. It adapts perfectly to new constructions as well as renovations...

The perfect compromise between the visible sash and the hidden sash, the discreet sash brings together the best of both concepts. The light supply is really optimized thanks to the central mullion of 69 mm, the thinnest on the market allowing to maximize the clearness of the glazing.

This new generation of aluminum carpentry retains the aesthetic advantage of a real aluminum bead of the same color as the carpentry in order to avoid the visual inconvenience of the black seal when the window is open.

A new design handle, a hidden drainage design and the possibility of having an optional center beat…. so many strengths that make this window look just as good open as it does closed!

The one-piece double-walled frame and the double-walled opening are also real advantages for the rigidity of the joinery. The discreet® opening offers a new renovation solution with an interior trim integrated into the profile, saving time for the fitter and a choice of 2 aesthetic finishes (centred flap or not). 

Beyond the aesthetic advantages, this contemporary range also offers higher thermal, acoustic and airtightness performance. The profiles have been reworked with new thermal strips, thus obtaining a Uw2 gain of 13%. Finally, the sash now goes to a thickness of 80 mm.

Easy to install, the discreet® opening is fully compatible with I-Secure®, the connected home system, to know the status of its windows remotely or to connect with an alarm system, offered by Swao.



To learn more, visit Swao's website.



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