Launched in 2015 at the instigation of Jean Baudard and his son Charles, the Bibelo publishing house relied on the now fully dedicated creative and visionary talent of designer Margaux Keller to infuse optimism and joie de vivre into spaces to to live. 

As part of an ethical approach, the founders and the artistic director of the brand entrusted the production of their pieces to a workshop in Cambodia under the aegis of the association "Pour un Sourire d'Enfant" which ensures employees with training, a respectful working environment and fair compensation. 

With the paralytic effect caused by the pandemic, which is particularly disabling in Cambodia, the Bibelo teams have chosen in 2021 to refocus on European production, while preserving their close ties with the PSE association. Manufactured almost entirely in Italy, Spain and Portugal, Bibelo pieces now benefit from the incomparable know-how of renowned European manufacturers in the design sector. If, in 2021, part of the seats were still made in Asia due to incompressible development times, all production can boast of being European from 2022!

Strengthened by this relocation, the Bibelo teams are taking the opportunity to swap steel, the flagship material of their collections, for aluminium: a material which has the advantage of being 30% lighter for identical solidity and which, in Besides, excludes rust problems.

After the success of her Swim range, Margaux Keller imagined Lilypad: a chair that also uses simple and willingly curved shapes dear to the designer. Taking its name from the water lily, Lilypad borrows from the organic aesthetic of the petals of the pond flower. Consisting of a seat with curved angles and a backrest that seems to float, held by the rods of the armrest, the mischievous and friendly seat proves to be an ideal patio companion.

Stackable by five, easy to handle and light due to its aluminum structure, Lilypad, which is part of the French design promotion 2020 incubator, certainly has a bright future ahead of it! 


To learn more, visit the Bibelo website.


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