In the field of interior design, Keope Ceramics is now one of the constantly growing companies. It is a leader in the production of ceramic surfaces for exteriors and, in recent years, it has also developed increasingly high-performance solutions for interiors. It is precisely in this area that Keope returns to its original product, stone, on the occasion of Cersaie: it will present the Omnia collection, consisting of porcelain stoneware surfaces inspired by the most sought after European stone types.

With Omnia, the punctual evocation of natural textures encapsulates the antique Rapolano travertine, Blue of Vix, Ceppo di Gre,Emperador Silver, stone from the Pyrenees and Bianco Venezia, in a variety of grains and nuances that is expressed through six proposals with a strong distinctive character.

In Omnia, the punctual evocation of natural textures is expressed in six proposals with a strong distinctive character: Beige Rapolano reminiscent of the ancient travertine of Rapolano, Emperador White recalling Emperador Silver, Venezia Ivory similar to Bianco Venezia marble, Ceppo Gray resembling Ceppo di Gré and finally Pirenei Silver et Devix Greige, two effects reminiscent of Pietra dei Pirenei and Bleu de Vix.

One of the advantages of the series is the possibility of playing with shades, gradations, formats and finishes of more or less rough surfaces (Brushed R10 and Structured R11) which ensure excellent performance both from an aesthetic and performance point of view,video shooting - with formats 120x120 and 60x120 cm K2 - et al'indoor, in large format 120x240 cm - for Devix, Pirenei and Venezia finishes, and in the formats 120x120, 60x120, 80x80 and 40x80 cm. The charm of the series is also enhanced by the Crossing 3D decor realized for all the graphic proposals of the formats 60x120cm and 30x60cm, the latter format is also available for outdoor use.

Beyond thehabitat, the Omnia collection can also be used in spaces commercial and contract, high traffic environments where Ceramiche Keope porcelain stoneware ensures resistance to trampling and slipping, as well as a reduced level of maintenance, ease of cleaning and daily hygiene.


To learn more, visit the Ceramiche Keope site.

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