The Tournaire jewelry house and the high-end switch manufacturer Meljac have combined their talents to push the limits of interior decoration and create the bronze models signed Meljac X Tournaire Décor, which transform these functional objects into true works of art. art. 

These new models embody the artistic codes and jewelery know-how of Maison Tournaire. Thanks to Meljac's expertise, the jeweler's six iconic motifs (Alchemy, Gears, Bas-relief, Construction, Origami and Catacombs) are now available on switches with three lever designs and numerous finishes to choose from.

This partnership between the two French Houses also makes it possible to offer tailor-made and limitless creations thanks to the unprecedented combination of their respective know-how. 

Meljac, renowned for the quality of its top-of-the-range models, embraces the exceptional techniques of Maison Tournaire, such as 3D modeling and lost wax casting. 

Techniques that allow us to respond to all customization requests, from the finest to the most extravagant, with complex shapes, rare metals, precious stones and any pattern on request to reach a level of detail never before seen in this sector. 

Like works of art, Meljac X Tournaire Décor switches can thus gain in relief and blend in perfectly with the soul of the place.

meljacTo learn more, visit Meljac sites and Tournaire.

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