TILE OF SPAIN, representative of the ceramic floor and wall coverings industry, offers an inspiring selection of new trends that give pride of place to a kitchen full of life, with artistic lines and colorful. A tribute to gastronomy and the French art of living!

Fireproof, Spanish ceramics are not afraid of heat and slow the spread of a possible fire, thus contributing to the safety of the building and its occupants. It has its place in kitchens. Also no more fear of stains if you spill a hot sauce on the floor! Thanks to its low porosity, it does not absorb dirt and prevents the proliferation of bacteria. Cleaning ceramic floor and wall tiles is simple and easy. Essential assets for a hygienic kitchen in all circumstances.

Among the favorites of TILE OF SPAIN, the tiles inspired by traditional ceramics with shiny surfaces and sparkling colors. Their style brings freshness to the room while preserving a strong authenticity that will easily match wooden furniture or a stone wall. The very trendy plant-type patterns accentuate the effect of relief, sometimes to the point of providing a feeling of handmade craftsmanship. For a harmonious atmosphere, TILE OF SPAIN recommends creating a reminder of the atmosphere between the floor and the splashback.

The credenza sets the tone! Format, color, marriage of styles and materials, it is reflected like an artistic painting. This year, TILE OF SPAIN highlights the hexagonal shape, a nod to French territory! It imposes a singular rhythm which can be enhanced by intense colors and underlined by fine joints.

The cutting-edge know-how of Spanish manufacturers offers effects of textures and reliefs that give the space a unique signature. Subtly sprinkled in strategic places in the kitchen, this style of tiling gives free rein to architectural creativity to create unique pieces. Ideal to dress up an island that will take on a majestic air or to cover a section of wall in order to give rhythm to a minimalist atmosphere!

When you are lucky enough to have an outdoor kitchen, the choice of flooring is essential. The unalterable character of Spanish tiles makes it ideal for this type of use. Resistant to the passage of time, wear and high temperatures, it durably retains its color and qualities without alteration, expansion or deformation. Another point: security. A non-slip finish protects against accidental falls if a little grease has been dropped near the barbecue.

Smooth, it provides a feeling of softness, pleasant when you tend to walk barefoot to survey the outdoor kitchen area, the terrace or the bar, and the swimming pool.




To learn more, visit the Tile of Spain website.


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