The Ségneré group, a major player in the field of aeronautics for more than 50 years, is launching the new brand dedicated to outdoor furniture: S Collection. Available in four capsules worn by designers François Basilien, Thomas Bastide, Les Héritiers and Meyera, S Collection is therefore the result of an encounter, that of excellence and industrial precision and the talent of French figures of contemporary creation. . With S Collection, Ségneré reaffirms its ability to innovate and think outside the box.

Since 1965, the Ségneré group has distinguished itself in the work of metal parts, historically intended for aeronautics. A family business born at the instigation of Paul Ségneré, the SME today employs nearly 150 people and combines a range of trades aimed at providing manufacturers with complex metal parts essential for the manufacture of aircraft, trains or even equipment. medical.

Impacted by the slowdown in global air traffic since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ségneré group has accelerated its diversification strategy begun in 2014, for example by setting up a laboratory dedicated to supporting innovative projects, using state-of-the-art technologies such as additive manufacturing. An innovative approach that facilitated encounters with other worlds, in particular that of design.

François Basilien, himself a designer and deputy director of RBC Mobilier, played a decisive role in developing the project that led to S Collection. “There has always been an appetite for design at Ségneré, manufacturers are naturally very creative and innovative. Their curiosity, their desire to explore new areas opened up the possibility of a project that might seem far removed from their sector,” he comments. "My proposal to collaborate through a high-end furniture project combining design, technicality and eco-responsibility was very well received: S Collection is the result".

Backed by its skills in the production of metal structures meeting precise and complex specifications, the Ségneré group was able to seize this opportunity to invest in a new sector. He therefore made the bet to turn to this new market for the group: that of the design, conception and production of premium outdoor furniture. The unique pieces imagined by François Basilien, Thomas Bastide, Les Héritiers and Meyera will take shape in the high-tech workshops of the Tarbes group.

These different personalities, having worked for emblematic brands (Baccarat and RBC among others), were able to rely on the excellence and precision of Ségneré's workforce, both in terms of the work on the material and on the pure questions of design.

The bridges between pure design objects and aeronautical parts are clear and the personalities called on to this project have infused their creativity into this industrial environment. A veritable playground for the four designers inaugurating S Collection, the possibilities brought about by the treatment of metal by Ségneré enabled them to design unique pieces in their careers: a champagne bucket, a modular table or even a deckchair make up these first capsules.

The choice was made to register this collaboration and these achievements in a resolutely local industrial environment, in punctual partnership with regional craftsmen. The historical roots of Ségneré being located in the Hautes-Pyrénées in the Occitanie region, it is in the group's workshops that all the exceptional pieces of S Collection are produced.


To learn more, visit the Ségneré Group website.

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