Launching April 26, Pearson Lloyd's new design merges workspace practicality with home aesthetics.

Working from home has become a reality for many of us. Faced with this change in working practices, the furniture must also evolve, in any case this is the way in which the new armchair designed by TAKT is designed.

It thus responds to the need to work flexibly, a trend that has largely evolved in recent years and is likely to continue... It is clear, in fact, that working people will increasingly mix home and office.

However, the traditional office chair, sophisticated or not, is often too complex to adapt to occasional work sessions, even ending up being less ergonomic. This is why TAKT has imagined a chair capable, in its expression, of blending in with the decor of a home, but equipped with the only fundamental ergonomic adjustments.

A versatile armchair suitable for compact spaces.


To learn more, visit Takt's website.


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