Through each of her new handcrafted creations, Larose Guyon seeks to infuse magic and beauty. The latest "Abysse", a new collection of lighting inspired by the sea, is no exception to the rule...

Abysse, Larose Guyon's latest collection took more than a year to develop. And as usual, the studio that stands out here for its artisanal approach and for its sculptural, refined and timeless objects.

Result: a collection of lights which, beyond their functional efficiency, are endowed with a touch of mystery and improbability. 

As with each of Larose Guyon's collections, the magic of Abysse begins with the unequaled know-how of the studio's artisans. Thus, the constant attention to detail applied to each hand-crafted piece contributes to a collection of exceptional art objects. 

Each globe that makes up the Abysse collection has been hand blown by a Montreal glass artist. Inside each main globe, a smaller one in scaled glass, inspired by the texture of sea urchins. An internal globe which then creates the astonishing illusion of a seabed embellished by the unexpected addition of two brass pearls which seem to float.

Abyss is an artistic interpretation of aquatic nature that invites them to use their imagination. It is the magnificent result of multiple attempts to achieve the perfect balance. The decision to use lightly smoked glass, particularly so that the brightness of each globe can be controlled, helps to create a more convincing seabed illusion. 

Providing warm illumination, the globes are highlighted by bold brass elements, showcasing an aged patina chosen for its appearance reminiscent of corrosion caused by long immersion in seawater. 


Visuals ©: Talcik & Demovicova, Les Marois, Chanel Sabourin, Larose Guyon 



To learn more, visit Larose Guyon's website.

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