Driven by its new Premium range, the English paint brand Valspar is arriving in France. With its “Love your Colour” guarantee, Valspar encourages people to choose shine rather than white!

Founded in 1806 and with over two centuries of experience in paint design, Valspar offers professional range finishes on all surfaces, for colorful homes inside and out.

With the "Love your Colour" guarantee, Valspar gives a boost and peps to all living spaces! Valspar's state-of-the-art color matching technology makes it possible, from any scan sample, to match and mix all the colors visible to the naked eye, i.e. 2,2 million shades!

Valspar draws on its more than two centuries of paint design heritage to deliver the perfect result. Its wide range of interior and exterior paints provides optimal coverage on multiple surfaces, including walls, ceilings, wood, metal and masonry, requiring fewer coats than its leading competitors.

Thanks to their superior quality finishes, the paints in the Valspar®Premium range guarantee a very high level of performance over the long term. Easy to apply and generating very few splashes, the Valspar® Premium range is highly resistant to rubbing and the most stubborn stains, but also to water and the wear and tear of time. For vibrant colors, long...


To learn more, visit Valspar's website.



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