In an increasingly digital consumer society, the shopping experience must more than ever be attractive and stimulating. The interior decoration project of a point of sale therefore becomes a fundamental element, which makes it possible to distinguish the brand and transmit its values. For architects and designers, the challenge is to find materials with a strong aesthetic impact, in different formats and textures, which also know how to be versatile, resistant to stress, safe from a hygienic point of view, easy to apply and maintain. . Keope Ceramics, a company that knows how to stand out in the international landscape of porcelain stoneware floor tiles, has been able to assert itself on the market as a reliable and competent partner, offering architects and designers different design solutions, which can meet all requirements of their projects.

For more classic and refined creations, typical of high-end fashion commercial spaces, Ceramiche Keope offers sought-after marble effects that evoke, in the most recent collections 9Cent et Onyx, the charm and brilliance of marble while ensuring excellent technical qualities of resistance to trampling and ease of maintenance. The collection 9Cent notably offers a line of marbles inspired by the European architecture of the early twentieth century, with an original palette that includes six chromatic proposals : Ombra moca, where the nuances of tea or coffee with milk with touches of terracotta stand out against a dark background; Green Ray, whose endless shades of green are intertwined with candid veins and mineral undertones; Alba Gold, an Italian Calacatta marble with pale pink or orange pigments; Aurora Beige, a breccia marble with variegated shades; Riflesso Bianco, with a luminous and evanescent background where scales from the granite are expressed; and finally Metamorphosis, an elegant terrazzo marble whose quarters of different colors draw unexpected geometries, ideal for commercial premises with a strong personality. The large slab format 120x278 cm 6 mm thick is the synthesis between technical resistance and aesthetic excellence. It offers a privileged dimension that allows the unpredictable textures of the ceramic marble surfaces to be developed on the walls, guaranteeing the visual homogeneity of the floor and the walls, in an extremely refined atmosphere.

Still among the most recent semi-polished marble effects, Keope presents the collection Onyx. Precious and luminous, Onice gives depth to spaces thanks to its play of light on reflective surfaces. Its chromatic identity is defined by three shades and interlacings of compact colors, which combine with delicacy in the porcelain stoneware: Multicolor, which presents a great chromatic variety highlighted by the reflection of light; Honey, characterized by a delicate honey hue on which the weave and depth of the warm quartz stand out; the shade Pearl, colder and velvety, which transforms the most anonymous spaces into a setting with a sought-after style. Ideal for covering interior walls and floors, the collection Onyx is available in the range of formats 60x60, 60x120 and 120x278cm. With its extraordinary chromatic intensity and great wealth of detail, Onyx perfectly expresses the characteristics of the material that inspires it, for one-of-a-kind retail design solutions.

In the area of ​​products perfect for shops and restaurants with a more contemporary style, the collection Dolmix is characterized by a lively agglomerate of marbles and stones that gives spaces their full personality, like a real piece of furniture. The floor made with Dolmix stands out for its originality and beauty: it does not need anything else to give the space great personality. The warm gray of the Gray color and the cold Light and Dark grays reveal the colored pebbles and marble inclusions through a perfectly balanced distribution of the elements, for a surprising result full of emotions.

The formats are modern and generous: they include the large slab 120x278 inch and two square versions - 120x120cm and 60x60cm - also available in a 20 mm thick version to provide aesthetic continuity to outdoor spaces that are so popular today in modern catering.

For retail spaces with high traffic, which require technical qualities that are highly resistant to treading and slipping, but also need to be very easy to maintain, Ceramiche Keope offers theOmnia stone effect. The punctual evocation of natural textures is expressed through six proposals with an asserted distinctive character: Beige Rapolano which evokes the ancient Rapolano travertine, Emperador White, a luminous marble, Venezia Ivory, elegant and classic taste, Ceppo Gray inspired by the famous Ceppo di Gre and finally Pirenei Silver and Devix Greige, two effects that are inspired by European natural stones characterized by refined and unprecedented graphic effects in the world of current ceramics. The Omnia collection allows you to play with colors, shades, formats and more or less rough surface finishes (brush R10 and textured R11) that ensure excellent performance in terms of aesthetics and performance, creating a perfect dialogue between interior and exterior.

Finally, for commercial projects designed to create intimate, comfortable spaces marked by a classic style, Keope's solution is the enveloping and solid charm of Lineo. Its design potential gives a new warmth to the environments, in order to satisfy the demands of modern architecture and more elegant design, both inside and outside, of the spaces destined to receive customers. A solution for hybrid spaces in which walls and floors offer privileged comfort to the layout made of beauty, continuity and lightness. The Lineo series offers graceful, woody hues balanced across five intensity levels : pigments of Honey, borrowed from honey, passing through the nuances Sand et Brown, up to the walnut hues of Walnut and to the snowy ones of White. row decor, finally, expands the scope of the collection with its composition of decorative suggestions. The series is also characterized by its high capacity of combine or complement the many effects offered by other Keope surfaces.

Thanks to its complete and versatile range of porcelain stoneware floors and coverings, Ceramiche Keope is therefore an excellent partner in the world of design and architecture, to which it offers avant-garde products and excellent services that allow to perfectly interpret all the design requirements. 


Photo captions:

Pictures 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: 9Cento Collection

Photos 2: Onice Collection

Photo 3, 10, 11: Lineo Collection

Picture 9: Dolmix Collection

Picture 12: Omnia Collection


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