As we know, the French (and our Swiss and Belgian neighbors) are fond of decoration. They buy beautiful objects, treat themselves to the latest fashionable furniture or even install their furniture chosen by their in-laws.... For all these reasons, we reveal the latest trends for your interior. 

High-tech office? TV stand ? Comfortable sofa? Discover resolutely contemporary and different styles for your living room, your kitchen or your bedroom. Follow the leader...

TV stand

It's one of the most current fashions of the moment and you would be wrong to do without it: TV furniture has a superpower: that of bringing your living room back to life. In addition, it can also be placed very well in a bedroom. This shows the diversity and versatility of this object that can be found in every home. Offering an interesting number of colors and materials, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the one that you like the most. One of the latest trends is the swiss tv stand which has a very modern design and which will perfectly blend into your interior. Placed under a magnificent TV, it will give you the privilege of attending some of the nicest television evenings...

High-tech office

We can also name the office as a strong trend in recent months. It must be said that the advent of teleworking in the West due to the global health crisis has literally put workers in their offices in their homes for long periods of time. Office sales have exploded and are not ready to stop...
The office, when exercising a digitized profession, is an integral part of our workspace. This popular piece of furniture is obviously available in several shapes and colors and in different materials. Select the one that suits you best... Wood? Metal ? Up to you...!

Comfortable sofa 

The third choice of interior design trends of the moment is a classic: the couch.
Whether beige, green, blue or in leather, sky or even fabric, here again the choice is impressive. It is an excellent idea to renew your interior as this object is so popular in homes. However, we advise you as a design expert to think carefully about the shade chosen in order to best match your different pieces of furniture. It would be a shame for you and your spouse to choose a superb green sofa if your furniture is fuschia pink.


For all these reasons, we strongly recommend that you take your time when shopping for this type of trendy furniture.

Making a mistake would then be harmful for you and your wallet...



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