IMMOBLADE's ambition is to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings by reducing their energy consumption related to air conditioning and heating. Innovation here lies in the design, manufacture and marketing of solar protection glazing that is unique on the market. 

The objective is to allow solar entrances to pass through in winter and block them in summer, without maintenance and with minimal impact on the visibility of occupants or the architectural appearance of buildings. The solutions are based on the insertion of miniaturized sunshade blades in the glazing, with a personalized angle to play on the variations in solar trajectory during the year seen from the facade to be protected. 

This customization is based on the use of patented algorithms, making it possible to find for each façade the best compromise between solar entrances (or solar factor) maximized in winter, minimized in summer and the highest possible visibility for the occupants.

Immoblade MiniStore glazing is suitable for a large number of uses: classic windows, openings, curtain walls... They offer a good compromise between light transmission, low solar entry in summer and close to that of standard glazing in winter. Their operation is based on the insertion within double glazing of miniaturized and fixed blinds, made up of slats with a particular geometry. 




To learn more, visit the Immoblade website.



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