The Symphony family is growing at Milan Iluminacion thanks to Jordi Pla, who offers a great lesson in design with removable and tiltable lampshades...

The principle is simple, you still had to think about it. The aluminum lampshades, like vinyls, “clip” directly onto the bulb. Three injected polycarbonate tips resistant to a temperature of 110°C, glued to the internal part of the shades, act as a buffer between the bulb and the aluminum and also allow the luminaire to be tilted. 

With this ingenious design, the possibilities are endless... The new series by Jordi Pla allows you to compose luminous symphonies and personalized atmospheres according to your desires, rooms and seasons. The collection is available in four versions: two floor lamps of 158 and 130 cm, a bedside lamp and a suspension. A real orchestra at the service of the luminous atmosphere of our interiors. The range is also available in three colors, both for the lampshades and for the feet of the luminaires. A choice of anthracite lacquering, to remain sober, copper lacquering for a touch of metal or elegant and timeless off-white.


Visuals ©: Enric Badrinas 



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