Research on materials, customization, durability and attention to detail are values ​​that characterize each Valcucine kitchen. Edifying example in this private residence, designed by the architect Egidio Panzera in Milan…  

The harmony between the materials used, the reflections between interior and exterior, the personalized solutions, and the ability to hide what should not be noticeable, give shape to a place made to measure, according to the personality. occupants. 

Key advantage of the design: the connection between the exterior and the interior...

To furnish the kitchen area, the architect called on Valcucine, who drew inspiration from his Artematica model (designed by Gabriele Centazzo), one of the company's most emblematic. Produced since 1988, it has since been continuously updated.

The front of the kitchen is entirely made of glass, a precious, resistant and ecological material. The choice of a matt finish and soft hues, playing on earthy and whitish tones, creates a soft atmosphere in harmony with the other spaces of the house.

The handleless solution highlights the clear and clean lines of the project, and the finish of the cabinets with uninterrupted front surfaces. On their sides, the fitted walls create lines that put the huge full-height window into perspective, offering an unobstructed view of the outside.

A lift-up upper door and an inner sliding-down door open and close to reveal and hide, as required, all the rear panel equipment, an innovative element that can be configured as required, with the possibility of also accommodate the hood.

With doors open, everything is ready to use in the most convenient and efficient way possible. Conversely, with closed doors, everything is hidden, restoring order in an instant. In addition to providing maximum functionality in the kitchen area, the New Logica System used here creates an evocative scenario providing amazing and unexpected entertainment for guests.


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