The Terrasses du Port in Marseille, the designer Margaux Keller and architect Bertrand Guillon sign design and architecture inside the hair salon "The Hairdresser". A space where each element has been designed in order to fit perfectly when the hairstyle.

furniture materials, the duo found inspiration in Marseille where the blue of the Mediterranean dialogue with the yellow sun, natural wood and tiles of Provence. Before entering the room, the visitor is greeted by a front inspired artist studios, large windows identified a matt black steel structure. Inside, the custom designed furniture is illustrated in an environment that combines tradition and modernity. The cap space, offers meanwhile a different atmosphere, immaculate, mineral and punctuated with comic styling furniture specially for the show. A project based on its environment and location to offer a new and innovative time visitors.

Photos: Laure Mélone

For more information, visit the website Margaux Keller Design Studio, one Barber.  

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