Maison & Objet will be held from September 2 to 6 at the Villepinte exhibition center. This edition will be placed under the playful theme of the game: a rich world that inspires many aesthetics.

"Get in the game, this rich universe of signs, shapes, colors and stories to reset creation. The playful spirit feeds on the aesthetics of games but also games of chance or games of balance. Damier, checkers, playing cards, dice, dominoes, tarot ... any excuse to have fun. the rule of the game? dramatize the scene, bet on a joyful and elegant maximalism, draw the map of Beau Bizarre . the luxury of this new decorative art red. sees the sensual materials and precious craftsmanship win the bet. the game plays with the codes, eras, styles and genres. the collage in Dadaist fashion and juxtaposition of disparate elements reshuffling the cards and the unexpected. the die is cast. your turn. "

A major meeting place for professionals in the art of living, MAISON & OBJET PARIS stands out as an essential showcase for the worlds of decoration, design, furniture, accessories, textiles, tableware ... makes styles coexist in the mode of transversality. At each session, this great lifestyle platform attracts nearly 70 visitors and more than 000 brands from all over the world. Places of meetings and exchanges, at the crossroads of business and inspiration, MAISON & OBJET PARIS presents a high-quality offer which provides a global panorama of excellence and innovation.

To learn more, visit the MAISON & OBJET website

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