For the 3rd year in a row, a magazine invites you to Materials & Light, a meeting on a human scale for architects. Ceramic glass, modified wood, solid surface, marble, enamelled sheet metal, composite materials… For two days, a selection of manufacturers will exhibit innovative materials in a new light. The event will take place on April 26 and 27, 2017 in an exceptional location: the Menier hotel-Targetti showroom open on the Parc Monceau.

Egger offers floor-to-ceiling solutions for both private and public fittings. Its new Collection & Services 2017-2019 includes more than 300 decors and new associated structures. To better identify with this diversity and facilitate the creative work, Egger invented the matrixes by 9. This innovative tool consists of positioning the decorations one next to the other for a direct comparison between them or with other associations (painting , fabric, etc.).  

On the facade or for interior fittings, Glaskeramik panels add a touch of mystery in several degrees of translucency. This year, the manufacturer MAGNA associates its name with that of Ringot & Villarecci, specialized in cutting or bending materials.  
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