Materials & Light

21.04.17 Euro-Shelter + PolyVision: Composite panels with enamel siding

For this edition of 3e Materials & Light, the specialist panels honeycomb Euro-Shelter has partnered with PolyVision which achieved a printed enamelled sheet. Together they designed a sandwich panel to answer a RATP order. Result: a perennial double wall, strong and decorated with a fresco, now dresses metro vaults. Story of a recipe.


21.04.17 Abvent: Twinmotion 2017, the immersion tool 3D

Presented in preview, Twinmotion 2017 is visualization solution 100% real time and immersion 3D most innovative market. Simple and relevant, it manages 3D models of almost all contemporary modelers and generates reports, high quality videos and videos in record time!


08.03.16 Materials & Light: The March 9 10 2016 &

Organized by the magazine and the agency has Thema Design, the 2016 edition of Materials & Light stands and the 9 10 next March as part of a majestic mansion 8ème district of Paris: the showroom Targetti Poulsen . Both inspiring and monitoring tool, Materials & Light highlights innovative solutions for architects and promotes exchanges between prescribers and manufacturers.

21.04.17 Trespa: Trespa cladding panels Meteon®

Since 1960 Trespa provides architects worldwide aesthetic and powerful exterior design products. Its flagship product, the range of cladding panels Trespa® Meteon® adapts to the most demanding configurations: sunscreen, sliding shutters or soffit buildings.


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