Alyos Technology : 3D et Secret, jeux d'optique pour murs et plafond

Specialist technical coatings for walls, ceilings and acoustic solutions, Alyos® the company has two new ranges during the Materials & Light forum. "3D" plays on the effects of textures and "Secret" revealed to using a backlight.

Strengthened by its R & D department, Alyos® has mastered the acoustic problems to offer a series of high performance coatings. Thus, the "3D" range (acoustic class A) benefits from a raised weave for an unexpected optical effect. Composed of 100% trevira CS mesh, it is available in plain white or black, bicoloured or printed. The 3D coating creates a relief effect on the pattern, thus altering the perspective of the room and the perception of space. The 3D is accompanied by a mineral wool to offer an optimal absorption of the noises and the echo, as well as a great reduction of the reverberation times. Its absorption coefficient varies from 0,6 to 1,0 depending on the needs of the space. The Alyos® 3D coating is available in 3 meters or 5 meters in width over a maximum length of 25 meters (165 to 220 euros / m2, supplied, installed). Playful, the new "Secret" range is based on an original process combined with a judicious LED backlight system that allows the display to appear only when the light comes on. This technical innovation brings to the interiors an additional decorative dimension by a surprising play of light. To achieve this effect, the print is on the back of a standard Alyos® pro 220 polyester-coated polyester fabric. The "Secret" coating is available up to 5 meters in width over a maximum length of 25 meters (150 to 190 euros / m2, supplied, laid, without lighting), as well as custom frames. Classic, printed, translucent, acoustic, speaker cabinets and custom frames ... Alyos® solutions adapt to all constraints and meet the double technical and aesthetic challenge. The result of the creativity of its graphic studio or its regular collaborations with artists, its collections make it possible to awaken a ceiling or to enhance a wall. Designers can also provide their own visuals, as all Alyos® coatings - whether decorative wall or taut ceilings - are printed on demand. Hydrophobic, easy to maintain, resistant to UV and shock, these polyurethane coated polyester mesh liners adapt to wet rooms, kitchens or bathrooms. Their implementation is ensured by a wide network of certified applicators trained in the technique, which combines proximity with the site and speed of execution of the work to be carried out. Convenient, they can be applied quickly and without leaving dust or odors.



Alyos Technology brings its members specialists in innovation in the ceiling and decorative coatings, with over 10 years of experience in the development of cold stretched ceilings. Alyos Technology today consists of a team of over 25 people accompanied by a vast network installers approved throughout the country. The company boasts of providing solutions for prestigious projects such as the rehabilitation of Vill'Up mall (architect Fostine Ferro) Montpellier Hotel (Jean Nouvel), Françoise Sagan-media library ( Bigoni Mortemard agency), the pole dance and music in Versailles (Joly & Loiret architects), the aquatic center of Courchevel (architectural firm Auer + Weber Assoziert) or the restaurant Klay Paris Saint-Sauveur (Toro agency and Liautard ).

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