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Facade or interior fittings, plates Glaskeramik bring a touch of mystery in various degrees of translucency. This year, the manufacturer MAGNA associate his name with that of Becket & Villarecci specializing in cutting or bending of materials.

At the origin of this unusual material, a metalworking company founded in 1990 gradually acquires the competence of office of studies for facades. A few years later, his intensive research led to the creation of a new material based on recycled glass: Glaskeramik ("glass ceramics"). After grinding and sorting, the glass then converted into pieces is placed in an oven without additive, resin and other binder. A process of heating and cooling - with precise temperatures and durations - is the final phase of the upcycling process (product of better quality than the original material after recycling). The panels thus produced can then be kept in their original version, known as "patinated", or be polished, satin-finished, laminated with other materials (stone and composite glass), or even arched, engraved, milled, Microbillés to offer uses that are as different as they are surprising in terms of physico-chemical characteristics as well as aesthetics. The final product has a unique translucency, halfway between that of alabaster and frosted glass, its luminance varying very little depending on the surface finish, matt or glossy. The brightness potential of the panels can be increased by using a backlight, both indoors and outdoors. In both wall and wall facings, Glaskeramik plates can be fixed by Fischer anchors with FZP anchors or by the LabelFacade system. It can be added that MAGNA and Fisher have recently obtained an ATE: European Technical Approval, for use in facade cladding. An identical folder is in progress with LabelFacade. The material is entirely in keeping with the logic of eco-construction. On the one hand, it is produced at 100% from waste from the glass industry or from recycled bottles. At the end of its life, it can be used for the manufacture of new panels or other materials. These qualities are worth it to appear in the databases greenbuildingproducts. Eu products that are compatible with the DGNB and LEED regulations. The Glaskeramik is also the subject of an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) and a Cradle to CradleTM certification that highlight its ecological aspects. Thus, the installation of solar panels on the roofs of the manufacturing plant provides about 50% of the building's electrical consumption. This percentage will certainly increase thanks to the installation of new generation ovens less energy-consuming.


ABOUT MAGNA Glaskeramik

Located in Teutschenthal, Germany, MAGNA Glaskeramik has all the patent rights for the sustainable production of a single material, ecological and under the exclusive trademark of Glaskeramik®. The parent company - MAGNA Naturstein GmbH - is one of the largest distributors and manufacturers of natural stone in Central Europe, based in Loitsche / Magdeburg, Germany. The company demands the highest quality standards for the manufacture of its products in natural stone, ceramic glass, quartz composite and ceramic large. Sales Manager France - Eric Kunnert t. 00 31 183 678 678.

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The name of Becket is linked to the marble for the past five centuries and that of Villarecci is known worldwide. The Becket & Marble Villarecci is renowned for the quality of his work in France and abroad, it is located in the Paris suburbs 20 just minutes from the Porte d'Orleans (showroom, workshop and office studies met the same site). Its current leader Didier Ringot, strong of great expertise and with the latest generation studio, has always been at the forefront of developments in the building of marble and decoration, and has always favored technical or decorative changes in the profession. Quartz, ceramics or dekton are all new materials that had to learn to control and which have found their place in the world of decoration. Today, Glaskeramik made its arrival in the workshop. Transformer and jobber seasoned modern and evolving technologies that are cutting high pressure water jet (photo-cons), the work machine CNC 5 axes or bending of materials, Ringot & Villarecci is already in the pack head in terms of high quality work, both in natural stone composite materials, with the avowed aim of becoming leader as contract manufacturer and installer of Gaskeramik.

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