Graniti Fiandre : Marmi Maximum, carreaux grès cérame XXL

Specializing in the production of full body porcelain stoneware Fiandre presents a collection of large tiles formats for high-end architectural projects.

For more than 50 years, Fiandre has strongly wanted to distinguish itself as an innovative company, with a highly technological content and a vision at the forefront. First among the factories of the sector to believe in porcelain stoneware and in the 20 x 20 cm format, which in the 1960 years was considered considerable, it advanced on a path dotted with victories. The company offers a wide selection of sandstones with multiple effects: marble, granite, stone, parquet, cement or resin. Monochrome solutions for the exterior or the blind are born thanks to the constant modernization of the technical means of production. The new generation of eco-active ceramic materials Active Clean Air and Antibacterial Ceramic ™ enriches Fiandre slabs with bactericidal and antipollution properties. The Marmi Maximum collection draws attention to a new extraordinary format, the largest ever so far. With a surface of 4,5 m2, each slab of 300 x 150 cm testifies to the evolution of a material currently capable of satisfying all requirements. In addition, the reduced weight of a single plate is a logistical advantage for transport and movement within the construction site as well as an advantage in use in particular contexts such as laying over existing surfaces, The naval sector in particular and in the field of furnishing. Marmi Maximum offers precious and decorative solutions, enriched with unique chromatic gradations and sets of veining always different from each other. It is not only its size that makes Marmi Maximum comparable to the most valuable and rare quarry marbles. Its luminous surfaces, refined details and sophisticated veining help to increase the perceived value of each environment by respecting and extolling the designer's design choices and customer's desires. Maximum is now part of the product category for industrial and custom furniture design. The resistance and maintenance characteristics already appreciated in the use of porcelain stoneware on the floor and on the walls are now reinventing themselves on a larger surface unit, deprived of interruptions and asperities. An ideal material for the production of kitchen plans, plans for tables and coffee tables, for floor coverings and other bathroom siding.



Specializing in the production of porcelain Full premium stoneware, the Italian group Fiandre is present in more than 110 country. It offers extensive solutions for floors and walls in several sectors, Contract wellbeing and residential, medical recreation. Its customers are Italian (Ferrari, Fendi, Fiat and Armani) but also international (Dior, Jaguar, Givenchy and Nike). The company has certifications ISO 1400 and EMAS (Environmental Management System) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). This is an assessment of the energy and environmental quality system, promulgated by the Green Building Council, whose purpose is to achieve "green" buildings highly efficient and respectful of nature. Today, more than 250 Fiandre materials have achieved this important certification, guaranteeing a green production chain.

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