Premiere: a new surface texture 3D can reproduce any pattern.  

HI-MACS® has already won over architects and designers from around the world: Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Karim Rashid, David Chipperfield, or more recently Marcel Wanders have made it a favorite material. Used in cladding as in interior coating, this essential solid surface is distinguished by many qualities. Made from a blend of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments, it is ultra tough, smooth to the touch, non-porous and hygienic. Almost as strong as natural stone, it can be worked like wood. The manufacturer LG Hausys has developed an original version of the material - HI-MACS Structura® - unveiled exclusively on the occasion of this 3rd Materials & Light forum. Thermoformed and thermoformable, it is available in a range of 10 3D patterns specially designed for its launch: honeycomb (Hive), pebbles (Zen), hollow patterns (Dunes) or graphics (Dots, Laser, Classic) ... The idea: to give a new dimension to the panels and to multiply the possible applications of the material, by integrating decorative effects. Here presented in white, it is currently available in 10 colors: black, red, shades of gray, white and cream. The dimensions vary, depending on the color: thickness from 6 to 12 mm, width from 760 mm and length from 2 to 490 mm. The material can also be thermoformed, under certain constraints in order to respect the patterns. LG Hausys goes even further in the concept by offering help for customizing panels. Architects and designers can draw their own patterns which will be validated or modified within 3 days by a production expert. They will receive an A050 sample within 10 days for validation. It will then take six weeks for the manufacture of the panels. A solution that can be ideal for customizing your project as you wish, including typography or a logo for signage or signage needs. If from its creation HI-MACS® was a solid surface that played with light by reflecting it, this new 4D variation of the material multiplies the tactile and visual effects. More than a uniform coating, without visible seams, it becomes texture or skin, with a definition much better and more economical than a product worked in CNC (Computer numerical control, or numerical control assisted by computer).

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LG Chem, a subsidiary of South Korea's LG, was born from a spin-off of the LG Chem 1er April 2009. LG Hausys employs over 3 500 employees worldwide and includes 3 areas: windows, materials / highly functional components and materials for the interior, such as HI-MACS. LG Hausys Europe GmbH, the European headquarters of LG Hausys, integrates distribution departments and HI-MACS marketing for Europe, whose production is ensured in the factories of Oksan (Korea) and Atlanta (United States ).

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