Maison&Objet Paris 2017 : SILENCE

In a saturated sound and image company, silence becomes a luxury. Yet the calm is required to meet, focus among the incessant din. This need end up in the design by the desire to return to basics, looking for simplicity and March, repairing with the measurement of time.

" Silence is not only absence of noise. We almost forgot. The auditory cues were distorted, weakened desecrated. Fear or dread aroused by the silence intensified. In the past, men of the West tasted the depth and flavor of silence (...). The intimacy of the place, like the room and its objects, like the house, was woven of silence."Alain Corbin

Elizabeth Leriche, designer of the Inspirations space designed to illustrate the theme of a course in the living room. The starting point consists of a room symbolizing our daily: saturated with information, images, sounds and objects. This chaotic profusion reminds us the value of silence. This deafening space is connected to the second part of the course by a decompression corridor. Slowly the noise mitigat and gives way to silence. Alcoves and rooms succeed, visitors discover the different representations of the theme of artists. There, wooden objects related to the tea ceremony in Japan. Here a silent piano video elsewhere fuzzy halo that evokes the disappearance of snow and ice ... A moment inspiring and relaxing. In the absence of noise design can take many forms but we imagine a minimalist style and lightweight and insulating materials.


7 the hall is devoted to coffee-bookstore entity which is a continuation of the Inspirations space. It offers selected works on the theme of the show and a relaxation and reflection.

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