05.05.17 Revelations: International Biennial of Crafts and Creation

For its third edition, following the success of the first two, the International Biennial of Crafts and creation, Revelations, reinvests the Grand Palace for a show entirely dedicated to contemporary creation.

25.08.15 John Sable: Contemporary Trompe l'Oeil

Located in Versailles, cradle of Decorative Arts, Atelier Jean Shortbread produces original works of trompe the eye for interior wall decoration. He works for clients wishing that are executed to measure the works of exceptional technical and aesthetic qualities.


04.08.15 Mydriaz: Art Bronzier

Expertise and excellence contemporary imagination, Mydriaz revisits the work of art bronzier through dialogue between design, visual and applied arts. Luminaire furniture, combining nobility and avant-garde works Mydriaz its thematic concerns in a formal subtlety, sensitivity, precision and lightness. Mydriaz exhibit his talents revelation this year's show.


26.08.15 Ateliers Charles Jouffre: Luxury and Tradition

Les Ateliers Charles Jouffre were created in 1987 in Lyon, city of great tradition and textile capital of the silk. Workshops design curtains and decorations, manufacture seats and sofas, and ensure the installation of wall hangings and rugs. Charles Jouffre teams and live the same passion for almost 30 years, in respect of an ancestral know-how at the service of demanding and discerning international clients, specifiers, interior designers, hoteliers, governments or individuals.


25.08.15 TU - Totally Unnecessary: ​​objects of art and fashion

TU - Totally Unnecessary - is an Italian house, Neapolitan, who creates objects-art-precious bags, based on a process of transformation inspired by antiques and fine materials. Coming from the world of fashion, there is the accessory bag; delved into the world of art, there is a desire to create a single object becoming a precious secret for privacy. Jewel cases combining the strength of the Italian Baroque contrasts with the unpredictability of the Rock.


03.08.15 Shadow: light Sculptor

Shadow is a workshop, based in Paris, who for fifteen years produces light sculptures. original creations that combine art luminaires, they depict the subtle play of light and shadow in the heart of materials worked by the artist became craftsman. Shadow Revelations will be at this year's show.


25.08.15 Joel Laplane: Bass Isosceles

The bass Isosceles (patented) is a creation of Joel Laplane for Salon Revelations 2015. The architect was to create a bass resolutely new design with a simple and streamlined architecture.


25.08.15 Véronique Frémy: Design and screen printing on leather

Véronique Frémy combines tradition with innovation in screen printing. She designs and creates unique graphic works or limited editions for demanding customers appreciating the exceptional products: graphic design, prints and furniture design. All his works are printed on measurement of quality materials: paper, metal, fabrics and leathers.


03.08.15 L'Atelier d'Offard: Murals on the board

The Offard workshop, papers creator painted board, was founded in 1999 by Richard Francis Xavier, in the footsteps of great factories of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It perpetuates this art, remaining faithful to the original techniques while being directed towards the creation and originality. The Offard workshop will present some of his work at Revelations this year's show.


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