L'Atelier d'Offard : Papiers peints à la planche

The Offard workshop, papers creator painted board, was founded in 1999 by Richard Francis Xavier, in the footsteps of great factories of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It perpetuates this art, remaining faithful to the original techniques while being directed towards the creation and originality. The Offard workshop will present some of his work at Revelations this year's show.

In a spirit of research and innovation, the company combines the mastery of traditional techniques processes and modern tools. It finds and reinvents the use of paper in the decor. L'Atelier d'Offard chosen to ensure its handcrafted wallpaper, their French production and the natural origin of its raw materials.

The collection of Atelier d'Offard up over the reconstruction sites is a source of eclectic models, representing all styles and all eras. Some are freely reinterpreted and the Workshop can propose a work-made with the range of techniques and know-how it has. The Offard workshop also works closely with designers and artists. He is considering his creations as a language participating in the affirmation of space.

"By freeing the vocabulary standards related to wallpaper, the Workshop questions in each of the collections, fitting concepts, repetition, color, surface, material, cutting and installation."

Revelations prompt sharing of the 9 13 2015 September at the Grand Palais - L'Atelier Offard Stand B3

Photos: Leah Barbazanges

For more information, visit the website the Atelier Offard and revelations

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